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Cd Living Sound Effects - Volume 5 Original

  • Cd Living Sound Effects - Volume 5 Original


    Cd Living Sound Effects - Volume 5 Original

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    Cd Living Sound Effects - Volume 5 Original

    Talking Alarm Clock: "Good Morning" at 6:00 A.M. :16
    "Visiting" the Bathroom: Number 1 2:24
    Shaving: Straight Razor (Filling Sink, Lathering up, Toweling off, ..) 5:59
    Brushing Teeth, Gag and Gargle 2:47
    English Muffin: Loud Chomping and Chewing 1:24
    The Belch :03
    "Visiting" the Bathroom: Number 2 3:10
    Door Knock With Rattling Jam :26
    Door Bell (Westminster Chimes) :43
    Door Banging: Violent :09
    Door Banging: Violent With Yelling :15
    Door Creaking #1 :13
    Door Creaking #2 :11
    Door Slam (Single) :04
    Door Slam (Multiple) :10
    Digging for Ice :35
    Blender: Crushing Ice/Changing Speed/Adding More Ice 1:04
    Chewing and Crunching on Ice Cubes 1:33
    Squealing Styrofoam Lid on Cooler 1:37
    Squeezable Ketchup Container: Getting the Last Drop :22
    Popsicle Experience: Unwrapping, Licking, Sucking and Slurping 1:07
    Straw in Milkshake Experience: Drawing the Last Drop :17
    The Big Burp of Satisfaction :06
    Two Sneezes: Male :10
    Door to Door Sales Pitch: Youth Organization Rep Selling Soup to Nuts 3:21
    Talking Alarm Clock: "Second Call" at 6:09 A.M. :14
    Screaming Heavy Metal Electric Guitar Solo 3:31
    Motorcycle: 2 Stroke Dirt Bike :38
    Motorcycle: 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Passing Left to Right, Right to Left 1:39
    Harley-Davidson Motorcycle: Electronic Ignition and Idle :44
    Horns: Two Cars and a Morotcycle in Concert :22
    Squirting Car With Hose 1:03
    Electric Hand-Held Haridryer: Blowing from Low to High 1:19
    Crushing Aluminum Cans and Tossing in Recycle Bin 1:32
    Vacuum Cleaner: Passing Near and Far 3:01
    Switching TV Channels With Remote Control: Most Annoying 3:29
    Sleigh Bells: Authentic Sleigh Bell Strap :52
    Tool Box: Searching for Just the Right Tool 1:08
    Metal Falling :07
    Smoke Detector: Alarm Sounding :24
    Modern Telephone Ringing: No one Home 2:32
    Cat Meowing and Purring: Introducing Kitten :31
    Electricity: Static and Frequency 1:30
    Welding Torch: Popping at Ignition/Glowing/Re-Lighting/Glowing 1:44
    Heavy Metal Falling: Ouch! :07
    Lathe: Plastic - Startup, Carving Plastic :48
    Band Saw: Cutting Thick Wood/Laboring Blade :43
    Video Game: Shots, Pings, Explosions, and Points Scored 1:37
    Train Whistle 1: 11 Pulls/Varying Length/Varying Pitch/Varying Streng :25
    Train Whistle 2: 13 Pulls/Varying Length/Varying Strength :30
    Train Whistle 3: 20 Pulls/Varying Length/Varying Strength
    Train Whistle 3: Whistles in Concert :27
    Belch: Unbelievably Long and Disgusting :08
    Taps : Pure and Simple [Authentic] 1:04
    Talking Alarm Clock: "Third and Last Call" at 6:18 A.M.:56

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    Cd Living Sound Effects - Volume 5 Original

    10:23 Compra efetuada por
    Natan Mascarenha da silva


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